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Stats that Matter: Browns bye week edition

A few interesting data points as the Browns sit on their bye week.

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Cleveland Browns bye week comes at a good time for the team. While most of the rest of the NFL will beat each other up this week, the Browns get to rest and look to build off a huge victory on Monday Night Football. There are a few games in Week 9 that Cleveland fans might want to check out.

We’ve already shared some interesting data points and awards this week on the site:

Time for a few more interesting stats during the team’s bye week:

Overall EPA

Lots of TDs

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Getting First Downs

MJ Emerson Impressing

Amari Cooper A Steal

(Less of a stat but still worth posting)

Highly Successful Offense Per Play

#95 Pretty Great

Scripted Plays or Not, Browns Good

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Tough Schedule Remaining

DPJ Making Catches, Not Getting Separation

Myles Garrett Elite

Interesting RB Data

More Impressive Garrett Data

A lot of interesting and positive data for Cleveland’s offense and Garrett. Hopefully, the rest of the defense and special teams can join the party soon.

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Anything stand out to you among all the data above?