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Wyatt Teller wants to earn his big contract

Working his way back from a calf injury, Teller understands how much he gets paid

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal PHIL MASTURZO / USA TODAY NETWORK

Professional athletes tend to live in a world that most fans can only dream about. While some hope to win the Powerball jackpot, some athletes hit the genetic lottery, worked hard and have achieved financial benefits that can only be dreamed of.

Cleveland Browns OL Wyatt Teller doesn’t take that for granted. The team’s Salute to Service nominee, Teller is trying to return from a calf injury that has kept him out for a couple of weeks. He stayed in town to rehab the injury, and hunt, instead of going to his child’s baby shower.

Last year, Teller signed a four-year, $56 million extension with the Browns which included almost $30 million in guarantees. His deal makes him the second highest-paid right guard in the NFL and fifth highest-paid guard overall.

When discussing his desire to return to the field, Teller noted that he doesn’t take what he is paid for granted:

Many fans will appreciate hearing that from a highly-paid athlete. It can be frustrating for fans to see players getting paid generational amounts of money to sit on the sidelines and not help their favorite team. (Can already bet on multiple FB/Twitter comments on this article regarding a highly-paid cornerback in Cleveland.)

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It is nice to know Teller feels the responsibility that comes with his contract. Given his Salute to Service nomination and his father’s military service, it should not come as a surprise.