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Deshaun Watson means Kevin Stefanski is sticking around another year at least

While fans might talk about a change, Stefanski seems set

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns are already 5-8 and all but eliminated from the NFL playoff race. That, along with some very questionable plays calls on offense, has fans wondering if HC Kevin Stefanski could be on the hot seat.

Stefanski has the fifth-best winning percentage of full-time head coaches in the team’s history. He also led the team to the playoffs in 2020 in his first season in the role. An offensive mind, Stefanski has gotten great play from Kirk Cousins, Baker Mayfield and Jacoby Brissett in the last few seasons.

Now, Stefanski has the most talented quarterback he’s ever worked with in Deshaun Watson. Watson is a proven talent but his almost two years away from the game means it will take time for him to recover his ability.

While Stefanski has fans and media questioning his future, it seems that Watson is fully on board with his head coach:

Aditi isn’t the first reporter to note the connection that Watson and Stefanski had with each other in their meetings. As she notes, money played a role but it was Stefanski’s connection and ability to share his vision that was big for the quarterback to consider Cleveland.

In the end, winning is the most important thing. While Watson and Stefanski are likely to get to make their pairing work in 2023, the leash may not be much longer for the head coach after that if the team is unable to make the playoffs and, perhaps, win the division.

Fans and media can speculate but it looks like Watson’s opinion on Stefanski will keep the head coach in his seat next year.