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This Is Deshaun Watson’s Team Now

Watson returns this week against his former team, the Houston Texans

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The Cleveland Browns are headed to Houston coming off an overtime win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The victory brings the Jacoby Brisset era in Cleveland to a close. This is Deshaun Watson’s team now.

David Njoku’s improbable catch will be one for the ages if it turns out to have saved the Browns season. The Browns still have an outside shot at the postseason as we approach the week everyone has been waiting for. The anticipation for Deshaun Watson’s return is clouded with questions and speculation.

His debut is against his former Houston Texans and certainly adds an element of excitement to the possibilities of what we might see in his debut.

Will Watson have much rust to shake off? Will the offense look different? How will he handle adversity? This week's episode of The Dawgs Table explores Watson’s return and its burning questions with Dawgs By Nature’s own Tom Moore as our special guest. Listen in for last week's recap and this week's preview.

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