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‘Bomb Cyclone’ impacting Saints travel to Cleveland for Week 16

Every changing forecast has New Orleans flying out earlier than usual

Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle Tina MacIntyre-Yee/Rochester Democrat and Chronicle / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Cleveland Browns and New Orleans Saints are set to face off in a game that could have little meaning for both teams in 2022. The Browns have a 1% chance to make the playoffs and are already eliminated from the AFC North race. The Saints, despite being 5-9, still have a chance in the abysmal AFC South but have struggled much of this year.

For the second time this season, Cleveland will have a game impacted by weather. Earlier this year, the Browns game against the Buffalo Bills was moved to Detroit due to significant snow in New York. This weekend, a “bomb cyclone” is expected to hit much of the middle and Eastern parts of the United States.

While the term has a very scientific meaning, the bomb cyclone is likely to bring snow, wind and significant cold to parts of the country just days before Christmas. Travel could be greatly impacted.

Many NFL games are expected to be played in significantly cold weather with snow and wind including the one in Northeast Ohio.

The Saints are adjusting their travel schedule in advance of the storm:

While the weather is likely to have a bigger factor on the game than New Orleans moving up their travel schedule by a day, it won’t make it any easier on the visitors Saturday.