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Weather’s impact on NFL betting and fantasy football

The degree of impact is interesting to look at

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Cleveland Browns Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Cold and snow have been the story this week of Christmas throughout many parts of the United States. Safety, especially with many people traveling, is the top concern from everyone here at Dawgs By Nature but, obviously, how it impacts the Cleveland Browns is important as well.

Already, we know that the New Orleans Saints flew out a day early to make it to Cleveland before any significant weather. We’ve also heard reports that much, if not all, of the media that covers the Saints were unable to make the trip.

The current weather forecast and alerts say that the winter storm and wind chill warning expire at 10 AM this morning but that the “heavy freezing spray warning” and “gale warning” are active until Sunday in Cleveland.

For those interested in sports betting and fantasy football, weather is assumed to be a huge factor. Earlier this week, we covered the historical impact it was having on some of the betting lines. While the cold, wind and snow will impact the players and fans at the game, exactly how it will impact the play on the field is interesting as well.

According to a report, mostly focused on betting lines, different elements have different levels of impact. Here is a couple that will be in play today for Browns vs Saints:

  • Wind between 10-15 MPH - Light Effect
  • Gusts 20 or more MPH - Moderate
  • Light snow - No effect
  • Heavy snow - Heavy effect
  • Extreme cold of less than 25 degrees - Moderate effect

Interestingly that temperatures over 25 degrees have a “light effect” on changing games.

Cleveland vs New Orleans is likely to have two specific issues (wind speed and cold) that have a moderate impact on games historically. If the snowfall changes from what is forecasted and becomes heavy, a third element will be added.

Whether it is betting, fantasy football or just for discussion with family, these historic factors are important to keep in mind today.