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Deshaun Watson numbers in home games in Houston before his first as visitor

A quick look at some of Watson’s stats in games in Houston

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

QB Deshaun Watson returns to the field today and returns to NRG Stadium in Houston. Watson on the field in Texas and his jersey number are about the only things that are the same since the last time he stepped foot on the field.

As the Cleveland Browns prepare for the Houston Texans, Watson is the biggest story in all of the NFL. That his return takes place in the city he called home for four seasons, and five years, makes it all the more interesting.

The last time Watson took the field, in 2020, he led the league in passing yards, yards per pass attempt and yards per completion with an impressive 70% completion percentage. His final game for the Texans came in the same stadium he returns to today. He completed 28 of 39 passes for 365 yards, three touchdowns and one interception.

As he returns to the league in that very same stadium, we took a second to break down his career performance at home in Houston to see what we could find. In 27 home games:

  • Completed 68% of his passes
  • Averaged 275 yards per game passing
  • Compiled 56 touchdowns to 15 interceptions
  • Had an average QB Rating of 105.7

While wins and losses are not specifically quarterback stats (for example, his final Texans game the defense gave up 41 points), it is still something to note. Watson was 15-12 as a starting quarterback at home in Houston and 13-14 on the road.

Today, Watson returns to the very same stadium where he put up impressive numbers as a member of the home team. Now, as a visitor, he has a chance to keep Cleveland’s thin playoff hopes alive. Can he come close to matching his numbers from his last game in the stadium? Obviously, he has played well in Houston even if his team wasn’t always good enough to win.

What are your expectations for Watson in today’s game back in NRG Stadium?