Spice up the Season?

I have an idea that could spice up a the season after the trade deadline for the NFL.

Each team recieves a 1 time injury trade exemption each year.


Trade must be to replace a player that is OUT FOR THE SEASON. If a player is replaced by this trade, they cannot play the rest of the season. Player would need to be designated when submitting the trade to the league.

Player must have been injured AFTER the trade deadline.

Player must have played a majority (>50%) of snaps before the injury - must be an important player not just a bench guy

Both teams use up their injury trade exemption for that trade - Each team can only make 1 post trade deadline trade.

Trades can only happen prior to the Wednesday following the final regular season game (could be changed to prior to the final game)

Only one team needs to have the injury to have the league approve it.

Teams that don't use it 2 years in a row get a 7th round compensatory pick.

Here is an example:

Browns trade Jacoby Brissett to the 49ers for a draft pick. Since Garrapolo is out for the season, this trade would be allowed.

Teams would have to gauge how important a run in the playoffs is compared to the compensation they would give up.

Would SF be willing to give up a 5th round pick to stay in the hunt? 4th? 3rd? How committed are they this season?

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