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Chris Kiffin reportedly coming back to the Browns

Defensive line coach has a change of heart about working with his brother, head coach Lane Kiffin, at Ole Miss.

Cleveland Browns Mandatory Minicamp Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Chris Kiffin has apparently decided that blood is not thicker than water.

Less than a month after Kiffin decided to leave his position as defensive line coach for the Cleveland Browns to join Lane Kiffin, his brother and head coach at the University of Mississippi, Chris Kiffin is coming back to the Browns.

The news was first reported by Chris Low at ESPN.

Kiffin made the move to join his brother’s coaching staff in mid-January and was expected to serve as linebacker coach and co-defensive coordinator with current defensive coordinator Chris Partridge. The lure of the NFL proved more enticing than the idea of working alongside his brother, which has reportedly led Kiffin back to Cleveland for a third season.

His return helps offset the loss of assistant defensive line coach Jeremy Garrett, who left for Liberty University in early January, and keeps defensive coordinator Joe Woods staff mostly intact for another season.

That should hopefully be a positive as the Browns need to rebuild the defensive tackle position after a disappointing season from the group, and make additions to the defensive end position even if free agent Jadeveon Clowney re-signs with the team.

Neither the Browns nor the University of Mississippi has announced the move, but as Cleveland has not filled Kiffin’s position, it would seem reasonable to expect his return to go smoothly.