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NFL Reacts results: Fans predict Bengals to win Super Bowl, and Steelers' next QB

Poll results include several Super Bowl and AFC North predictions.

Super Bowl Experience Presented By Lowe’s Media Preview Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

Browns fans have been voting on SB Nation NFL Reacts all season, and although there are no more fan confidence polls for Cleveland since their season is over, fans did get to vote in a lot more Super Bowl-related polls this week. Let’s check out the results of some of those national polls:

The Cincinnati Bengals are the favorite among fans to win the Super Bowl, as 66% of fans predict they will defeat the Los Angeles Rams. 69% of fans also believe that Joe Burrow is the better quarterback (compared to Matthew Stafford). While I don't disagree with that, it's definitely not a slight to Stafford, who is very good in his own right.

Interestingly enough, Ja'Marr Chase's outstanding rookie season wasn't enough for him to win favor over Cooper Kupp. 83% of fans take Kupp as the better receiver over Chase. Also in the Rams' favor is that 77% of fans say they have a better defense than the Bengals.

Lastly, we'll cover one other team poll here after the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger. 45% of fans think Mason Rudolph will be the starter next year, 27% think a veteran will be added to start, 18% think it'll be a rookie in the 2022 NFL Draft, and 9% think it'll be Dwayne Haskins. It looks pretty gloomy for the black and gold under center.

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