The NFL’s secret deal? No suspension for Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson (right) with his attorney from last Friday.

Innocent until proven guilty.

Or until someone discloses the confidentiality agreement between the National Football League and their players with pending allegations of sexual abuse.

There is a closed-door deal guaranteeing that Deshaun Watson can play without being suspended by the NFL.

The immunity will last during the term of his contract with the Cleveland Browns.

In return:

  • Watson agrees to forego settling any and all pending and future cases involving sexual abuse allegations that have or will be filed against him
  • the NFL’s revenues will go up for the first time in over a decade
  • Watson and his agent get paid a whole lot of money

What can wreck the deal?

If any one of these parties discloses the deal.

The parties include the:

  • National Football League
  • Cleveland Browns and their staff
  • Deshaun Watson and his agent
  • Dee Haslam, chief operating officer and owner of the Cleveland Browns

  • her son-in-law, JW Johnson

Please scroll down to the last page of the 41-page document.

According to federal prosecutors, the Haslam company stole $56 billion from its customers at Flying Pilot J.

Jimmy Haslam signed as head of the company.

His signature imaged above proves it.

So does the press release from the Justice Department dated July 14th, 2014.

The 41-page Criminal Enforcement Agreement dated July 10th, 2014 is linked here:

Prosecutors have until April 15th to file criminal charges against the Haslam family.

Will they get away with it?

For the Haslams, covering up the Deshaun Watson fiasco is easy.

They have done it before.

Paying $40 million to Mark Hazelwood to accept the blame for racist comments recorded on FBI wiretaps.

The trial judge called the comments "vile".

The hush money was paid to insulate Pilot from being liable for money damages for Hazelwood’s racist remarks.

  • women
  • the Cleveland Browns
  • Black American people
  • people from Cleveland, Ohio

Hazelwood made them while President of Pilot Flying J.

Deshaun Watson (right) with his attorney from last Friday.

Please click this link to watch Watson’s eight minute video:

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