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2022 NFL Mock Draft: Browns’ Picks at No. 44, 78, and 99

The Browns’ selections are in for the DBN Community Mock Draft.

2021 NFL Draft Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The first round of the DBN Community Mock Draft is in the books, but now it’s time to get to the supplemental piece: the Cleveland Browns’ picks in rounds 2-3. Here is a reminder of who was taken in the first round:

Obviously, without doing a complete second- and third-round mock, the drafters had to do their best in guessing who would be available to the Browns.

No. 44 - Browns - Travis Jones, DT, Connecticut

The selection and write-up were made by Slaytanic Brownie:

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: FEB 02 Reese’s Senior Bowl Practice Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

“We were extremely happy that Travis was available for us at the 44th pick” says Andrew Berry with a sly grin. “Our team had him rated in the mid 20’s for the first round and just like JOK last year we had the opportunity to bring him to Cleveland.”

We have needed a run stopper and at 326 lbs Travis can use his incredible lower body strength to anchor down and clog the middle, taking on multiple blockers to free up our linebackers so they can fly in and destroy the running backs. To go along with his herculean lower body, he has a devastatingly powerful first punch that enables him to snap back the offensive lineman with a single blow. His quick hand speed is an additional arrow in the quiver, as he is able to keep OL hands off his body and disengage the blockers with ease. Jones is a much better run defender than pass rusher... His bull rush is top shelf, but he needs to find his way using other techniques, then combining them into counter moves to go along with his 4.92 speed..... So coach Kiffin has a raw piece of clay to sculpt and with his background as a pass rushing specialist coach we are going to have a complete 3 down DT by opening day.

Travis is a leader in the classroom as well as on the field, as his high character marks got him a seat on the UConn leadership council. Today the Browns just plugged the remaining hole on the defensive side of the ball, so let’s go find a couple more special players.

Go Browns!! I’ll see everyone in Glendale on February 12th when our Beloved team is victorious in Super Bowl 57.”

No. 78 - Browns - Alex Wright, DE, UAB

The selection and write-up were made by yman1020:

NFL Combine Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

“So it is difficult to accurately project who will be available at this point in the draft. It should be stated that we took Schwartz last year in the third round. So perhaps there is some hesitation to do it again. I do believe that with Watson as our QB, it will be easier to attract WRs when we need to fill out our WR core. (Ex. Will Fuller would contribute more than any 3rd rounder this year for the Browns).

In using PFFs mock simulator for the last couple months, Alec Pierce, Calvin Austin, and Metchie are usually all gone. Guys like Bell, Shakir, Wandale and Doubs are decent and may contribute more this year than Wright but if one of our defensive linemen gets injured our line will be Swiss cheese. IMO, we need more developing talent on the defensive line. Our “farm system” for DE/DT is basically non existent. One player I feel confident will be there is Alex Wright DE. At 6’5 271lbs, he has a similar body type to Travon Walker. 34” arms make me really excited. His tape shows real flashes of disruption and elite get off. He needs some development but he as some elite traits that could develop into a plus starter in 1-2 years.”

YouTube 1 | YouTube 2

No. 99 - Browns - Jalyn Armour-Davis, CB, Alabama

The selection and write-up were made by fjblessi:

Ole Miss v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

“With the Browns 2nd pick in the 3rd round the team is looking for a player that can contribute as a rookie, but more importantly one that can be groomed to take on a starting role in 2023 and beyond as cap casualties become the norm for our Browns. In doing mocks on line a couple of players keep showing up at this point, Tight End was high on my list and players like Jake Ferguson and Jeremy Ruckert might be on the board. Another option would be to get another athletic Linebacker like Brian Asamoah II, but given the nature of today’s NFL I felt that developing depth at cornerback would draw a higher priority. So with the 99th pick in the 2022 NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select Jalyn Armour-Davis, cornerback from Alabama.

Armour-Davis has the size needed to play CB in today’s NFL (6’ 1” and 192 lbs) and has the speed to play on the outside as a former 100m champion. He played with good technique in college and didn’t draw a ton of fouls. In addition he is a willing participant in stopping the run and just as importantly for 2022 is a very capable special team player. There is some injury history for Armour-Davis as he missed time due to ankle and hip injuries but these were not related and assuming his medical checked out at the combine he can develop into a solid #2 or #3 corner. In today’s game you can never have enough of them.”

Thanks to everyone who took part in this year’s community mock draft!