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Browns 2022 NFL schedule release: Dates, times, primetime games and more

Find out who the Browns are facing to open the season, in prime time, and more.

Erik Drost on Flickr

The Cleveland Browns’ 2022 NFL schedule is here! See below for the order of the Browns’ 17 games, along with some observations below. Get your tickets here.

Quick Hitter Observations

  • Cleveland opens the season on the road against the Carolina Panthers. Wouldn’t that have been something if the Browns had traded Baker Mayfield to the Panthers on draft day, only to have a summer-long buildup to that. Instead, we really don’t know who Carolina’s opening day starter will be, which could pan out for the Browns.
  • The team’s first home game is in Week 2 against the New York Jets. You never want to take teams for granted, but the way the season starts in those first two games seems very ideal for the Browns. The Jets and Panthers aren’t viewed as playoff contenders, and if Deshaun Watson happens to be suspended for the start of the year, that might give Jacoby Brissett a better chance at coming away with a 1-1 or 2-0 record to kick things off. Looking even further, those first four games look winnable.
  • Cleveland has two prime time games: Week 3 at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers for Thursday Night Football, and then in Week 8 (on Halloween for Monday Night Football) — also at home — against the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • Some things are to be determined, such as whether the Browns’ Week 15 game will be on a Saturday or Sunday, as well as what time it will be.
  • Cleveland’s bye week is right in the middle of the season (Week 9) — eight games before it, and nine games after it. You probably can’t ask for a more ideal bye.
  • There are no three-game stretches of consecutive home or consecutive road games.
  • The Browns’ latest Super Bowl odds at DraftKings Sportsbook are 16/1.
  • Here is the Browns’ strength of schedule compared to the rest of the league for 2022: