Potential Browns draft fits - A review

Last weekI attempted to identify some potential fits for the Browns in the draft based on some trends I have observed in the AB's player acquisitions. Lets take a look at how I did.

2 Fits drafted- Emerson and Winfrey- I feel very strongly about these two archetypes of players being targets for the Browns. The trade of Troy Hill and selection of Emerson cements for me that length and physicality is what they want when drafting corners.

Winfrey is another example of not prioritizing run defending on the inside instead looking to find interior pass rushers.

1 non fit drafted- David Bell does seem to go along with the DPJ and Schwartz picks of the past. Bell is not an elite athlete but is one solid football player

3 Players drafted that fit the identified archetypes- Ford has soft hands and is very willing in pass protection. I think he fits the mold of a pass catching back more than just a pure runner.

Thomas was a versatile player at OU lined up all over the OU D line. Not a pure edge guy kicking down to the inside on passing downs.

Deaton tested very well at the combine. This level of athleticism seems to be what is needed for our zone scheme.

2 players drafted that don't fit the identified archetypes- Alex Wright I am including here because he only lined up as a traditional end at UAB. I think ultimately their plan may be to develop him as a guy they move around the d-line on passing downs as he has the size and athleticism to do so. As a college player he wasn't asked to do this so we shall see how his career shakes out.

Woods is another receiver like Bell I would have never predicted for us. He's a limited athlete with no outstanding tools. Watching his tape I like the player his hands are reliable and he plays physical but this is not the type of player I would expect.

In summary I feel pretty good about my analysis last week as even Alex Wright arguably fits the archetype of an edge player I laid out. Obviously I had a huge swing and miss when it comes to wide receivers. At this point I am very confused as to what they look for at those spots. The UDFA Weston they signed fits the mold I identified so maybe he is a roster sleeper to look out for.

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