Daily Dawg Chow: Browns Fans news (5/27/22)


Cleveland Browns: Is Signing David Njoku Long-Term The Right Move? (Browns Nation) "The tight end has all the athletic capacity on the planet." Anticipating Baker Mayfield's Future (Football Outsiders) "Any NFL reporter can conjecture about Baker Mayfield's future." Deshaun Watson hinders public interview to surrender showy gift to Browns colleague who gave him No. 4 (CBS) "Deshaun said he was coming to Cleveland, I messaged him 10 seconds after the fact and expressed, 'Welcome to Cleveland, No. 4.' That was all there was to it," Jadevon Clowney contract subtleties uncovered (Yahoo) "As indicated by one report, Clowney turned down greater arrangements to get back to Cleveland to play with Deshaun Watson" Exploring Browns Twitter Memes And Hot Takes (YouTube) Quincy Carrier investigates and scrutinizes a portion of the better (and more terrible) endeavors at humor regarding our cherished Orange Helmets OBR: Jake Burns on the Browns Defensive Depth (YouTube) "The OBR's Jake Burns discusses how the Jadeveon Clowney marking could assist with pursuing Winovich and Alex Wright"