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Fans are most eager to see WR David Bell in training camp; 16+ sacks pegged for DE Myles Garrett

K Cade York comes in third place for the rookie voting.

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Fans voted in our SB Nation Reacts poll the other day on two more questions for the upcoming season. The results are below.

The first question asked which rookie Browns fans were more eager to see during training camp. The options were limited to the team’s top four draft picks. The leading vote-getter was WR David Bell, with 44% of the votes. I thought K Cade York would be near the top of the results, but he only garnered 18% of the vote. I guess in my mind, I view the team as putting a lot of faith in York to be a big-time kicker for them, whereas Bell won’t be a starting receiver.

The other question asked how many sacks DE Myles Garrett would have this season. Garrett had 16 sacks last year, so it’s natural to assume that he continues to get better and better. One area Garrett needs to improve upon is his performance at the end of the season; for the last few years, he’s either been suspended during or hurt during the ending part of the season, removing him from Defensive Player of the Year contention. 50% of fans are pegging him to have 16-19 sacks in 2022.

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