What’s up with the Watson suspension?

Robinson is a judge and rules on the written law. In this case the written law is the CBA. As I understand it the wording of the CBA really doesn't help the NFL position. The CBA talks about assault and force. DW's offenses are essentially indecent exposure. The smell of the DW case is the serial nature of the offenses. That is what bothers me and the population in general. Additionally the offenses are all "he said/she said" issues that can never be resolved completely.

Goodell's insufficient responses to the sexual harassment issues in Washington & Dallas as well as in the Kraft participation in prostitution makes for poor precedent. The closest actual player precedent is Big Ben's rape allegations well before today's more enlightened response to sexual assault and he received a 4 game suspension. Allegations of rape do fit the wording of the CBA.

Goodell and the NFL are attempting to position themselves as outraged to the fans by asking for an indefinite suspension without the wording in the CBA to back their play.

Watson continues to insist that he did nothing wrong. That the DA’s couldn’t get an indictment and only presented 11 of the 24 complaints is puzzling. Further the NFL only presented 5 of the complaints also seems to provide some mitigation to the Watson position.

As usual Goodell and the owners have made a mess for themselves. If they had (a) considered the "me too" era when doing the CBA they would have a clause to give them a better position and (b) if they had behaved in an ethical way with Dallas, Washington & New England they would also be in a better position.

As for myself I’m always going to be a Browns fan. Although I wasn’t in favor of the trade (my FanPost of 13 March) I am willing to give him a chance to earn back his reputation. I’d really like to see the conversation return to football and put the whole issue behind us. So I’m hoping against a suspension that is overruled by the NFL and then followed by a court case that will stretch on into the future. A reasonable suspension, accepted and served would be the best result.

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