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Cleveland Browns Training Camp Tour, 2022 (Video)

Watch our full video tour of what’s new at Cleveland Browns training camp this year.

Jump to the 32-minute mark if you only want to see the Browns-related portion.

We attended the first Cleveland Browns training camp of the year open to the public on Saturday. We did a write-up about our experience last night, with pictures included, and I’m happy to see that our video tour processed on YouTube overnight and is available to watch now.

The first part of the video shows my bicycle-riding down various streets to get from the Brookpark Rapid Station to the practice facility in Berea, as part of my hobby YouTube travel channel (Poko Traveler). If you aren’t so interested in that portion, feel free to skip forward to the 32-minute mark, which is when I arrive outside the Browns’ headquarters and begin talking about the new changes along Pearl Street, waiting in line on Beech Street, and then entering to show all the attractions.

Toward the end of the video, I even took part in the 40-yard dash — although I’m insistent that there was a late stoppage to the timer! If you can’t make it out to Berea this year, then I hope this video tour helps you feel immersed in the environment for a day.