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Full-Time Producer role available for Dawgs By Nature

We’re hiring!

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Greetings faithful Dawgs By Nature readers! I am spreading the word that SB Nation is hiring for a Producer role at DBN, which will be a full-time, remote position. You can view the job posting here.

The first thing I’ll mention is that I am not going anywhere. DBN has been my baby for 16+ years, and I will be keeping my same role and voice (along with the rest of the staff). This full-time position is a great opportunity for the site to expand its coverage and reach. It is also an investment from SB Nation, as they see how strong our community is and believe the engagement aspect can become one of the strongest in the network. However, I already have a full-time job in my primary career area, so this particular role isn’t something I felt was right for me to apply for.

Nonetheless, I am looking forward to seeing the candidates who do apply — the job description explains the role well, but it involves a wide-ranging mix of expanding the amount of content you see on a daily basis from DBN through articles, podcasting, and social media. There are also a lot of strategic elements to it, taking advantage of the latest SEO tactics, meeting with SB Nation to discuss strategy, and engaging the community. I want to stress that this would be a true full-time job — not something that you can do casually on the side.

If you want to apply, feel free to do so — or, feel free to recommend it to someone else who you think would be a good fit.