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Philadelphia Eagles vs. Cleveland Browns - Preseason Game 2 Open Thread

Chat about the game as the action unfolds.

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK

A 1:00 PM game for the Cleveland Browns seems normal for the regular season, but it seems weird as hell for a preseason game. With the reduction from four to three preseason games this year, the second game here against the Philadelphia Eagles ends up being the only home tune up for the regular season.

Many teams have changed perception on the preseason altogether. The second or third preseason games used to evaluate starters for a lengthy period of time, but now we will mostly see the backups. The biggest competition will be at quarterback, as Josh Dobbs and Josh Rosen fight to be the backup quarterback for the first 11 games of the season.

The Browns and Eagles had two joint practices this week, which is another reason why there’s less of a need to see the starters compete against each other. The youngsters and backups will have more time to shine, though. Rain could happen throughout the game, which is another injury-related factor to be cognizant of.