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Browns fans’ confidence ticks up to 69% heading into Week 2; and will the defense blow a coverage?

Also, the Cade York-Ghostbusters reference didn’t get as much support as anticipated.

Each week during the regular season, Browns fans vote in SB Nation Reacts to express their confidence level in the team.

Heading into Week 2, 69% of Browns fans are confident in the direction of the team, an increase of 18 percentage points from last week. Seeing an increase after a win was expected, and that confidence would go up with another win against the Jets, leading into the first big division game against Pittsburgh.

Despite Jets fans wishes for a new quarterback besides Joe Flacco, head coach Robert Saleh indicated that Flacco will likely start against the Browns, blaming receivers and backs for dropped passes and fumbles in Week 1.

We also asked two other questions about the Browns heading into Week 2. The first one was a tongue-in-cheek fun question, which I thought would get it to 99-100% of fans voting that Cade York was a God after his game-winner against the Panthers. Maybe some fans took it more literally than I expected, because only 61% of fans voted Yes.

In the other question, 56% of fans voted that they think the Browns’ secondary will blow another coverage against the Jets. There is a little context to this question, in the sense that it’s implying the blown coverage leads to a huge play, not something like a 15-yard catch. I think this was an element worked on in practice, and I remember a few years ago, our defense had a similar issue of having like three or four blown coverages in the first couple weeks before never having any issues the rest of the season. Therefore, I actually think the group will be fine.

Also, on a national level, NFL fans are predicting the Browns to beat the Jets in Week 2.

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