Jets loss is on coach Stefanski

I know our defense looked horrendous in the final 1:55... we also had some drops and offsides that hurt drives, BUT We had a first down with 2 minutes left and the jets had ZERO time outs left!!

Nick Chubb is the best back in the NFL, he had a great game and was a total workhorse for the Browns.... If everyone remembers last season Nick had the opportunity to score a TD at the end of the game and he slid down and we took a knee to run out the clock. Everyone I talked to including several guys that work in sports media agreed with me that Chubb was so disciplined to be able to do that and the Browns were finally on their way. Fast forward to yesterday and he probably figured 14 points would be insurmountable... you are here to dominate and that's what you do, so Nick I don't blame you at all.

Cleveland Browns have faith in Kevin Stefanski as play caller

Coach Stefanski, you on the other hand had the two minute warning time out and the whole coaching staff to discuss your next move with..... You sir are completely to blame for this loss!!

Why not get the team to huddle during the time out and tell the guys "Boys, we have to stay in bounds no matter what , we are going to run it for three plays and run out as much time as possible and when you get past first down slide and the we run the clock out and come out of here 2-0!

That's how my time out huddle would have went if I were head coach, but instead of thinking about time management and other CEO type decisions coach S, you are worried about the next 2-3 play calls because you can't give up the controls and let your stud OC Alex Van Pelt do his job. We may need to rethink this relationship....

AS always Go Browns!!!

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