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UPDATE WITH SCENE VIDEO: Myles Garrett involved in single car accident

Garrett plus a passenger were both transported to area hospitals

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Browns defensive end Myles Garrett and a female passenger were involved in a single car accident on State Road just south of Route 18 on Monday.

According to WKYC Channel 3 News, Garrett was driving a 2021 gray Porsche, lost control of the vehicle which overturned at approximately 3 p.m. ET near Wadsworth, Ohio. Garrett was transported to Cleveland Clinic Akron General Medical Center whereas his passenger was sent to Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital.

Both are assumed to have sustained minor, non-life threatening injuries but their prognosis has not yet been divulged. The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the accident and confirmed that each was wearing a seatbelt.

According to the incident report, Garrett’s Porsche “went off the right side of the road and flipped several times before coming to a rest.” The incident report does not state what caused the accident, but neither alcohol nor drugs contributed to the wreck. The vehicle did sustain substantial damage.

Apparently, Garrett was headed home from an earlier practice in Berea. His availability for Sunday’s game against Atlanta is unknown.


According to TMZ:

“One witness who actually helped Garrett and his passenger get out of the car following the accident tells us Garrett complained of wrist pain. The witness says the football player also appeared to be bleeding from both his ankle and chest areas.”

Statement from Garrett’s agent Nicole Lynn:

“Myles has been alert and responsive at the hospital as they await word on the extent of any injuries sustained. Myles Garrett was involved in a one-car accident this afternoon and was transported to a local hospital to be evaluated, While we are waiting to learn the extent of his injuries, he has been alert and responsive. The Garrett family would like to thank the medical personnel that got Myles and his passenger out of the vehicle and safely transported to the hospital.”

Lynn later stated:

“Myles has suffered no broken bones and is expected to be released from the hospital tonight.”

TMZ has video of Garrett’s car off the road post-wreck here:

In an update, Garrett was released Monday night from the hospital:

DBN does know that the streets were wet from recent rains. Garrett’s car left the road and flipped several times before resting on the right-of-way between a drainage ditch and the tree line.

The wreck occurred in the 5600 block of State Road near Ridgewood in his gray Porsche 911. The rural road is no stranger to accidents. Garrett lost control, went off the right side of the road and flipped several times. The female remains unidentified and no final word on her injuries which have been mentioned as minor. The accident has been confirmed that this was a single car accident.

State Road’s speed limit is 45 MPH, but on the approach to Ridgewood the street begins a small hill and the speed limit drops to 25 MPH. Last month, this stretch of road was repaved. With the rain that went through the area just before Garrett was traveling, the new pavement coupled with possible speed sprinkled in with wet conditions will make the road slick.

Last year another vehicle left the road in about the same spot. That vehicle also flipped over.

There is a yellow highway sign which states “Hill Blocks View” with the 25 MPH just underneath. Being a rural setting, it is also frequented by deer attempting to cross the roadway.


Garrett was discharged from the hospital on Monday night but will continue to receive tests to evaluate his condition.

According to Lynn, Garrett did not suffer any broken bones from the accident despite earlier claims that he had broken his wrist.

The cause of the wreck was revealed. Garrett swerved to avoid an animal on the wet road and overcorrected. This caused his Porsche to flip multiple times. As stated yesterday, this area has quite a bit of deer which crosses the road along a long stretch of this highway.

Body cam footage after the accident can be viewed here:

The footage shows just how far off the road Garrett’s vehicle ended up. In the video first responders can be seen with Garrett while his passenger is on the ground in the background being treated. Also visible are the airbags that deployed.

Photos related to the accident: