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Browns Stats that Matter Through 3 Weeks

A whole lot of numbers tell the story of the team’s quality offense:

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Another recurring feature on the site will be looking at statistics/data/numbers that matter for the Cleveland Browns. In the end, all that matters is the team’s record, currently 2-1, but the numbers around that record can provide context to what is happening.

While Browns fans may not be overwhelmingly happy with how the first three games have gone, there are a lot of positive data points from them:

Basic Stats

Nick Chubb leads the NFL is rushing yards with 341 ahead of Saquon Barkley and Cordarrelle Patterson, the only other backs with at least 300 yards rushing. Chubb is also tied for the most rushing touchdowns so far with four.

Jacoby Brissett has the ninth-best completion percentage in the league at 66.3.

Amari Cooper is in the top 20 in the three main categories for receivers: receptions, yards and touchdowns.

Myles Garrett is tied for eighth in the league with three sacks on the year. Alex Highsmith leads the league with 4.5.

Denzel Ward has broken up three passes, tied for 15th in the NFL, despite his early season struggles.

Advanced Statistics

PFF Loves Brissett

Brissett Not Going Downfield Much But Moderately Successful

Kevin Stefanski Getting It Right on 4th Downs So Far

This one can be controversial but the data is focused on the decision to go for it or not. Calling the right play after the decision is a different discussion but, so far, Stefanski’s decisions are solid based on the data:

Offensive Linie Blocking Well, Brissett Avoiding Sacks Also

The line is helping Brissett and Brissett is helping the line:

Very Few 3 and Outs

Two different graphs saying the same thing in different ways (data is analyzed slightly differently but telling the same story). Stefanski’s offense has done a good job of not going three and out:

Big Picture Team Data

Both DVOA and EPA attempt to quantify a team’s success into individual numbers. Both tell a similar story, which is confirmed by watching the games, about the Browns: Good offense, not-so-good defense and (with DVOA) okay special teams:

Besides wins and losses, what stats matter most to you?