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Browns fans’ confidence finishes at 42%; fans want defensive tackle addressed in free agency

57% of fans think Cleveland will be a postseason team next year, though.

Each week during the regular season, Cleveland Browns fans vote in SB Nation Reacts to express their confidence level in the team.

Heading into the offseason, 42% of Browns fans are confident in the direction of the team, a decrease of 10 percentage points from last week. Cleveland finished with a disappointing outcome against the Steelers, especially seeing Deshaun Watson being largely responsible for the loss. However, there is also a sense of relief that the season is over (at least for me), because now the team can sort of reset on all the letdowns and focus on the positives again heading into the offseason, including hiring a new defensive coordinator.

DraftKings Sportsbook may not have any odds up on the Browns’ 2023 expectations right now, but we asked fans whether the Browns will reach the playoffs next season. 57% of fans voted “Yes.”

In the other question, we asked fans, “If the Browns could throw big money at one free agent, what position should it be at?” The clear winner was defensive tackle, which had 67% of the vote. Linebacker (13%), defensive end (10%), and wide receiver (10%) all trailed behind significantly.

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