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Browns could see Tom Brady in 2023

Brady becomes a free agent after losing last night

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers joined the Cleveland Browns, and many other teams, on the sidelines after falling to the Dallas Cowboys in embarrassing fashion last night. The 8-9 Bucs won a putrid NFC South this year despite QB Tom Brady leading the way and a bunch of talented, big-name players littered all over the roster.

The Browns were one game worse but did defeat Brady and Tampa Bay this season.

The quarterback that many believe is the greatest of all time, went out slinging (66 pass attempts). Having a quarterback through the ball that often, especially one in his 40s, is not a recipe for success but the Bucs struggled to run the ball all season.

Brady seemed to say goodbye to the Tampa media at the end of his press conference yesterday:

It is possible that he could retire after the season but most believe he will play at least another year. Brady’s contract has a clause that will not allow him to be franchise tagged by the Bucs as he enters free agency.

According to Draft Kings, these teams have the best odds of signing Brady this offseason:

The three teams in bold will travel to Cleveland in 2023.

Perhaps the Browns will be one of the stops on Brady’s retirement tour next year, if he decides to return.