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AFC North Update #2: New OC for Ravens, Lamar Jackson update

Greg Roman is out but Ravens will involve Lamar Jackson in new OC hire

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The AFC North is buzzing with activity or at least news the last few days. The Cleveland Browns hired Jim Schwartz as their new defensive coordinator. The Pittsburgh Steelers have decided to retain Matt Canada as their offensive coordinator, to the dismay of fans and media of that team. The Cincinnati Bengals are preparing for the divisional round after taking out the Baltimore Ravens in the Wild Card.

Now, after being eliminated from the playoffs, the Ravens could become one of the most interesting franchises this offseason. QB Lamar Jackson missed the end of the season and playoffs with a knee injury and now becomes a free agent. There was talk that Jackson could have played but chose not to due to his contract status.

Thursday, Baltimore made a move that Pittsburgh refused to by firing their offensive coordinator, Greg Roman.

While questions will remain about Jackson’s future with the team after not being able to come to an agreement on a contract extension, he is expected to be given the franchise tag. Not only that but the team will have him involved in hiring the new OC:

Interestingly, the head coach didn’t hold back when discussing Jackson’s quirks:

We will keep you up to date on Baltimore’s search process, Jackson’s contract status and all the ways the AFC North changes throughout the offseason.