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Greg Newsome may want a different role next year based on his tweet

Outside as a rookie, mostly inside this year, is Newsome ready to move again?

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Cleveland Browns have hired Jim Schwartz to be their new defensive coordinator, decisions on personnel become the priority. The Browns must invest in the interior of the defensive line, figure out what they are doing with safety John Johnson III and round out the talent on that side of the ball.

Schwartz has some good foundational pieces to work with. DE Myles Garrett is one of the best defenders in football. He gives someone for Schwartz to unleash in a variety of ways and to make things easier on others. After Garrett, the cornerback room is the team’s next best strength but how will they be deployed?

As a rookie, CB Greg Newsome II played very well as an outside cornerback. This year, after the trade of Troy Hill and the drafting of Martin Emerson, Newsome was moved primarily inside as the slot corner. Emerson played well as a rookie opposite Denzel Ward but it seems like Newsome would like his spot back on the outside:

The Northwestern product has always been outspoken. He is willing to meet with the media weekly to discuss what is going on, in good and bad times. Here, he may just have been celebrating that he made a play outside but his discontent with his role in Cleveland last year was evident.

Can Schwartz keep Newsome and others happy while doing what is best for the Browns defense? Could Ward or Emerson move more inside this year? Will the cornerbacks be moved around more based on matchups instead of just being inside or outside?

A lot going on for Schwartz to manage. Thankfully, the veteran coach has been around the league for awhile and had success.