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With Titans, Jim Schwartz focused on redzone which should improve for Browns

Cleveland is relying on Schwartz to improve a lot of things

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns need and are expecting a lot from new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz this upcoming season. While GM Andrew Berry needs to add talent, HC Kevin Stefanski needs to both get the offense to the next level and keep the team together and special teams coordinator Mike Priefer needs to get his unit sorted out, a lot of pressure will be on Schwartz.

Cleveland’s defense gave up a ton of big plays last year. When that wasn’t happening, the run game was failing to stop almost anyone. There is very little that went well for the Browns on that side of the ball.

Somehow, despite all the big plays, that included being in the bottom third of points given up in the redzone.

Thankfully, we know that the redzone is one area that Schwartz was very focused on in his last position:

Overall, last year, Tennessee gave up just 22 points less than Cleveland but were 30 points better in the redzone. Vrabel giving credit to Schwartz for that area of the field is encouraging for the Browns defense next year.

Beefing up the interior of the defensive line will be required no matter what the scheme is but Schwartz’s focus on that most important area of the field with the Titans should be a great benefit for the Browns this year.