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Potential addition to Jim Schwartz staff noted due to history together

So far, we don’t know for sure any of Schwartz’s staff despite reports

Syndication: Arizona Republic Joe Rondone/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Cleveland Browns have officially fired Joe Woods and hired Jim Schwartz. Besides that, nothing else has really changed for the team since the end of the season.

While a lot of change is expected this offseason, like most offseasons, we are still waiting to find out what the composition of Schwartz’s staff will look like. There have been reports that Jeff Howard is safe but those have not been confirmed to our knowledge.

With multiple teams still trying to fill their head coaching positions, as well as coordinator spots, the rest of the league will be in a holding pattern to fill their staff roster out.

One name has been noted as a potential candidate to join Schwartz, Matt Burke:

Burke has 19 years of experience in the league and, as noted, was with Arizona last year. Once the Cardinals decide on a head coach, the remaining staff could be let go quickly.

While Burke has extensive experience with Schwartz, he’s also coached around the league under different coordinators while also spending time as a coordinator in Miami for two seasons.

Burke has worked with defensive line and linebackers primarily throughout his career. Cleveland still has Chris Kiffin and Jason Tarver under contract to coach those positions. Last year, Kiffin left the team for a short period of time to join his brother, Lane, in college but changed his mind and returned.

The dust might not settle at head coach around the league until after the Super Bowl. Once that happens, teams will fill out their staff quickly and we should have a good idea of what Schwartz’s will look like. Burke would seem to be a natural fit as defensive line coach.