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The NFL says that Browns were one of the least lucky teams in the NFL this year

Updated data for the whole season

MLS: Sporting KC at FC Dallas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There was a myriad of reasons that the Cleveland Browns were 7-10 this season. Fans have blamed everyone and everything from Kevin Stefanski, Andrew Berry, Paul DePodesta, Jimmy Haslam, trading for Deshaun Watson, not running Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt enough, Joe Woods (the team agreed with this one), overpaid defenders who don’t care enough, not enough coaches yelling and many, many other reasons.

One reason that rarely is mentioned is luck. While some believe the Browns are cursed, for a variety of reasons, we covered after Week 12 that luck played a role in the team’s struggles this season. The data came directly from the NFL which looked at a number of factors to say that, at the time, Cleveland was the fourth unluckiest team in the league.

The NFL put out the final data for the entire season and, low and behold, the Browns are now the third unluckiest team in the NFL:

Interestingly, a few teams that made the playoffs were in the same vicinity as Cleveland. Buffalo, Miami, Dallas and Cincinnati were among the bottom 10 in luck this year.

For the Browns, opponents rarely missed field goals, rarely dropped interceptable passes and often recovered fumbles that Cleveland did not.

So many little things, and big things, didn’t go the Browns way this season and luck was just one of them.