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Browns making a splash? Garrett needs something to join DPOY & OL review

A lot to talk about on The OBR Film Breakdown pod

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike past years, the Cleveland Browns seem unlikely to be a big storyline going into the 2023 season. As all teams are, they will get attention and Deshaun Watson having a full offseason with the team and not having a looming suspension will also get some ink.

Prior to that, the Browns have eight draft picks and can move around money to be players in free agency but to what degree?

As we covered earlier today, Myles Garrett didn't make the Defensive Player of the Year list despite a very good season. Barry did a great job of comparing stats and where Garrett fell. It is almost as if the NFL needs a better piece of information to judge how well defenders do like WAR in baseball or CPOE for quarterbacks.

Finally, the Cleveland offensive line should be the team’s strength. With all the assets (money and draft picks) given to four of the players and Bill Callahan as the coach, the line should be dominating most games. Is it? What about individual evaluations of this season?

I discussed all of this and more with Jake Burns of The OBR’s Film Breakdown podcast. Hope you enjoy the long listen as we prepare for an offseason that could be interesting:

After listening, let us know what you think about the important topics covered.