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Senior Bowl Interview: TE Cameron Latu

Senior Bowl offers prospects time to show what they are made of

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 12 Alabama at Mississippi Photo by Austin McAfee/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Reese’s Senior Bowl is a time to shine for these prospects. They are going against some of the nation’s best at every position so a great week can make their name called earlier on draft day.

Here at DBN we have taken the Cleveland Browns needs across the roster and looked at what this All-Star game has to offer.

Here is a player that fits the position group the Browns are looking to add a body to their roster in order to help them in the coming season.

TE Cameron Latu – Alabama

6’-4”, 248 pounds

Projected round: 4

Browns pick #130

DBN: What is something that nobody knows about you?

Latu: I am pretty much an open book. There are too many skeletons hanging around. All they have to do is ask and I will tell them. No hidden agendas.

DBN: What will an NFL team get if they draft you?

Latu: I am a very hard-working and consistent guy. I come to work every day and bring positivity to the locker room.

DBN: When did you start to notice scouts?

Latu: In high school, it was about the end of my junior year, and my senior year there was always someone coming up after my games to talk. Here at Alabama, we have so many good players on both sides of the ball. But you see them near my area and know they are doing their work on my play. It was exciting to see those teams at the end of my career.

DBN: You had 21 college offers and were the State of Utah’s #2 ranked player. Why did you decide on Alabama when you had several much closer schools like Washington, USC, and Utah?

Latu: I had been over to Alabama three times and with their position coach it just felt like home to me.

DBN: What about film study?

Latu: Oh, I watch a lot of film. Not only the opposing team for the next game, but I watch film on NFL guys like George Kittle. I think he has balanced play and like how he blocks in. He is a good pass catcher and can dominate a game by himself. He has a great personality and you can tell he likes playing the game. By the way, all tight ends have great personalities.

Alabama v Ole Miss Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

DBN: What have you been doing since your last college game to get ready for the Combine?

Latu: I have been working out in Ft. Lauderdale.

DBN: This past season you have had some nagging injuries. Do you think you had enough snaps this year along with your junior campaign for scouts to notice you?

Latu: Hopefully that is the case. I was having a good year before getting sidelined, and my junior year was productive. I am a very good blocker and think I run good routes. When you play tight end you are a cross-breed helping the run game as well as when the offense needs to pass and get some first downs.

DBN: What type of things do you do when trying to come back from an injury?

Latu: The treadmill is a must. So the next thing you do is start dry land working and then see what you can do in shorts and helmet, and maybe practice. At that point, it is kind of day-to-day.

DBN: What do you do in anticipation of a really big game?

Latu: Everyone just gets locked in. Distractions are out there, but you can’t let those things take away your focus. We all know what is at stake and nobody wants to travel and then have to go home with a victory. Mainly on the road, we all watch film and bond as a team. That is our way of getting ready for the game which to me is fun.

Barry Shuck is at the Reese’s Senior Bowl this week gathering interviews and providing coverage for Browns’ fans

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