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Senior Bowl Interview: EDGE Adebawore Adetomiwa

Senior Bowl prospects bring scouts a first-hand view

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 22 Northwestern at Maryland Photo by Tony Quinn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Reese’s Senior Bowl is an important aspect of the players who will participate in this prestigious All-Star game. Having a good practice week against the best at their position can help an athlete elevate his draft status as much as a full round.

Here is a player that fits the position group the Cleveland Browns are looking to add a body to their roster in order to help them in the coming season.

EDGE Adebawore Adetomiwa – Northwestern

6’-2”, 280 pounds

Projected round: 3

Browns pick #99

DBN: What do you offer NFL team?

Adetomiwa: A guy that’s going to be athletic and work hard. Fly to the ball. They will get the best out of me, on and off the field.

DBN: When did you start to notice scouts coming to see you?

Adetomiwa: My junior year they started to come up to me with even more my senior year. In high school, they began later but were in large numbers by the time I was about to graduate.

DBN: How much film do you watch, and what goes into that?

Adetomiwa: I watch a lot of film. I just turn on the tape looking at scheme, inside zone, power and all that stuff. And also players that I am playing looking at their weaknesses and strengths.

DBN: What is a normal college football life for you?

Adetomiwa: I know at Northwestern you have to work and study a lot. So I had to make sure I could manage those two things while getting to practices. There is football and school. So you have to be very diligent and watch your time.

DBN: Is your strength run support or rushing the passer?

Adetomiwa: I would say I lean more at pass rush. I am very effective against the run as well. I would give a slight edge to pass.

DBN: Do you consider yourself a leader?

Adetomiwa: Yessir. I can take a defense and make sure they are up.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 11 Indiana State at Northwestern Photo by Daniel Bartel/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

DBN: What do you think the scouts here at the Senior Bowl will come away with after seeing you for a solid week?

Adetomiwa: I am an athletic first. And smart.

DBN: Do you expect to start in your rookie year?

Adetomiwa: I expect to play quite a bit of reps my rookie year. I will work hard to make sure they are not going to see me sit and force them to play me with what I bring.

DBN: What are your favorite foods?

Adetomiwa: Lots of rice, chicken and anything beef.

DBN: Who were your favorite players growing up?

Adetomiwa: Growing up I liked Aaron Donald, and I am from Kansas City so I have to say Mahomes. Ed Oliver of the Bills, Osa Odighizuwa of the Cowboys, Milton Williams of the Eagles. Those guys all have similar playing styles as me. They are all kinda throwback family. Aaron Donald is the greatest of all time so he is in the family.

DBN: When your football career is over, what do you see yourself doing?

Adetomiwa: I think I would stay around the game. I got my degree in psychology so hopefully I can use that and hopefully relate to other people.

DBN’s Barry Shuck is at the Reese’s Senior Bowl this week gathering interviews and providing coverage for Browns’ fans