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Browns offense not going ‘3 and out’ among top half of the NFL this year

Keeping drives going vital to offensive and defensive success

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

It has been far from perfect for the Cleveland Browns in 2022. Despite all the angst, the team needed just one game to go differently this season and they would still be in the AFC playoff hunt going into Week 18. Fans may be calling for major changes but minor ones in five different games could have changed the entire season.

Most fans want to see DC Joe Woods and ST coordinator Mike Priefer replaced while others want to add HC Kevin Stefanski to the pile. Others want to see a clean sweep including, if it was possible, in ownership.

Despite all the trepidation about Stefanski’s play calling, Jacoby Brissett was highly efficient and Deshaun Watson has shown flashes of the greatness that made multiple teams willing to give up the farm to trade for him.

Going into Week 18, Stefanski’s offense is 14th in an interesting category:

Simply speaking, Cleveland’s offense is at least getting a first down 72% of the time, tied for 11th in the NFL. If rookie K Cade York made a few more field goals (he’s missed eight this season), the Browns overall mark would be near the top five as their FG rate would go up and their turnover percentage would go down.

Overall, Stefanski’s offense is generally productive and near the top 10 in the league including 8th in DVOA.

As many readers will remind us, all that matters is that the team has a losing record. While the offense can be better, at times, it sits among the top half of the league in many ways. Defense and special teams have cost the team most of their games, the offense hasn’t been the issue.