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2022 NFL playoff teams records through four weeks: A reference for 2023

Week 4 was rough for Cleveland but all is not lost

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty Images

For the Cleveland Browns, the 2023 season has been an up-and-down one. Weeks 1 and 3 showed off their dominance on defense with the offense joining the show in Week 3. Week 2 was frustrating and angering with turnovers and RB Nick Chubb being taken out of the season with an injury.

This Sunday was deflating. While there were reasons, primarily QB Deshaun Watson being out and the Baltimore Ravens offense playing well with their versatility, the Browns left a bad taste in their fans' mouths going into the bye week.

With the San Francisco 49ers coming to town in Week 6, it feels like Cleveland has a lot to get figured out.

On the other hand, it is just four weeks of a 17-game season. While OL Jack Conklin and Chubb are out for the year, that doesn’t mean the year is sunk. To help provide context, we wanted to look at last year’s playoff teams and what their records were after four weeks.

Every season is different but we hope this provides some perspective, one way or another, as we work through the exercise.

First, the 14 playoff teams and what their records were at the end of last season:

AFC Playoff Teams

  • Bills 13-3
  • Dolphins 9-8
  • Bengals 12-4
  • Ravens 10-7
  • Jaguars 9-8
  • Chiefs 14-3
  • Chargers 10-7

NFC Playoff Teams

  • Eagles 14-3
  • Cowboys 12-5
  • Giants 9-7
  • Vikings 13-4
  • Buccaneers 8-9 (Division winner, would not have made the playoffs otherwise)
  • Niners 13-4
  • Seahawks 9-8

Now, those same teams through four weeks last year:

AFC Playoff Teams

  • Bills 3-1
  • Dolphins 3-1
  • Bengals 2-2
  • Ravens 2-2
  • Jaguars 2-2
  • Chiefs 3-1
  • Chargers 2-2

NFC Playoff Teams

  • Eagles 4-0
  • Cowboys 3-1
  • Giants 3-1
  • Vikings 3-1
  • Buccaneers 2-2
  • Niners 2-2
  • Seahawks 2-2

The good news for Cleveland, at least in reference to last year, is that half of the teams that made the playoffs were also 2-2 through four weeks. At some level, we would like to eliminate the Buccaneers since they only won their division but then we would have to add the Lions who were 1-3 through four games last year.

The bad news for the Browns is that 10 teams in the AFC currently have the same or better records than them. While it is very early to look at tiebreaker scenarios, having two losses in the division and conference could come back to haunt Cleveland as well.

The season is far from over but the Browns have to use their bye week well and be prepared for the currently undefeated San Francisco 49ers coming into their house this week.

What do you see when you look at the records from last year’s playoff teams? Talk about it in our comment section below