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Browns need to know “We are all we got” and believe “We are all we need”

As the bye week comes, Cleveland needs to spend some time in the mirror

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Help is not coming for the Cleveland Browns. Yes, QB Deshaun Watson will hopefully get healthy enough to play in Week 6 against the San Francisco 49ers but there is no other “help” on the way for the team.

While we couldn’t find the origins of the chant (but we found a video of it from a few years ago in an NFL clip), it is clear that the Browns need to realize “We are all we got, we are all we need.” Not only do they need to realize it but they need to believe it.

GM Andrew Berry doesn't have another rabbit to pull out of his hat despite the gobs of cap space available this year. That cap space will just clear up cap debt set to hit the team next year.

Even as fans call for HC Kevin Stefanski to get fired or give up play-calling duties, neither of those things will be magic elixirs for the team during the season. The foundation is already set, very little will change between now and the end of the season.

Instead, quite simply, the coaches much coach better, make better decisions and put their players in a better position to win. The players must execute what they are asked to do, rehab injuries during the bye week and come back focused on winning football games.

The path is laid out before the team. While being 2-2 with both losses coming in the division is not great, just one team in the AFC North and three other teams in the AFC have a better record than the Browns.

There is no rescue. Help has to come from within the house. Coaches and players are not in a position to hope something magically changes. After a humiliating loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the team has to go into the bye week with one simple goal: Know and believe that they are enough to make the playoffs as constituted.