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93% of Browns fans think Cleveland will take out the Colts

Also, the 49ers’ loss was voted nationally as the most surprising outcome of Week 6.

Each week during season, Cleveland Browns fans vote in SB Nation Reacts to express their confidence level in the team or their thoughts on other topics.

After the team’s bye week, 80% of fans are confident in the direction of the team. That is a big leap from the 28% confidence rate prior to the win over the 49ers. The Browns’ have formed a “W” this season, corresponding with alternating wins and losses. Can this be when the team finally puts together a two-game winning streak this week? Fan confidence in the Colts was at 69% after losing to the Jaguars last week.

We asked two other questions this week. The first was whether the win over the 49ers restored your faith in the Browns’ 2024 season. 73% of fans said “yes,” but I still go back to how different that result would have been had the 49ers made that field goal at the end. To be fair, I think the “faith” portion is less about the team’s performance, and more about getting the actual “W” on the board, which builds that confidence and keeps you in the hunt.

The other question was about what you expect the outcome of the Browns vs. Colts game to be. 93% of Browns fans are expecting the team to win, with more of those fans expecting it to be a close game. It is definitely fair to only expect close victories if we’re acting under the assumption that Deshaun Watson won’t be under center — while we can expect our defense to perform well, the offense can’t put up a boatload of points to make the score out-of-hand.

On a national level, fans are picking the Browns to defeat the Colts this Sunday. Also on a national scale, fans voted the outcome of last week’s 49ers vs. Browns game as the most surprising outcome of Week 6.

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