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Videos: Browns tailgaters take over Indianapolis

Browns schedule leads fans on a short road trip versus Colts

The drive from Cleveland to Indianapolis is around four hours. For fans of the Cleveland Browns, who live all over the state and all over the country, road trips can be a lot of fun. We covered some fun things for fans to do while heading over for the Indianapolis Colts game and have found, from multiple reports, that Browns fans took up the travel.

In a couple of posts from Paul Brown, an England-based Browns fan and podcaster in town for the game, we got visuals of a large Cleveland get-together in Indy:

We saw the steaks on the grill, the cornhole being thrown and fun being had but Brown was not alone in noting all the Cleveland fans in the area for today’s game:

One of our followers confirmed this was his experience as well:

It will be interesting, with the Colts showing off their black helmets today, if it really sounds like a Cleveland home game today.

If you are in Indy or see other proof of a Browns fan takeover in the city, please send those pics, videos and reports in our comment section below!