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Browns injury: Deshaun Watson hurt, QB & HC talk injury after game

Moving forward with the injury will be interesting it seems

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

As the Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts prepared to face off in Week 7 of the NFL season, the health of QB Deshaun Watson’s shoulder was the big story. After the Browns took the lead early on a long RB Jerome Ford run, the Colts responded with two touchdowns.

Watson struggled early, completing just one of five pass attempts for five yards. He also had an interception. Cleveland’s QB was close to a second INT but a review overturned that. Unfortunately, Watson was also injured on the same play.

As seen in the video below, Watson’s head seemed to bounce off the turf:

As he was slowly jogging off the field, Watson seemed to be favoring his right arm, the shoulder was a problem that kept him out for a couple of weeks.

The quarterback went right into the medical tent but came out as the next offensive series started.

Shortly after, DE Myles Garrett forced a turnover which led to QB PJ Walker taking over the offense.

As the first quarter ended, Watson headed back to the injury tent:


Update #2:

Per the broadcast, Watson has been cleared of a concussion and “nothing to report” on the quarterback but Walker remains in the game.

Update #3:

Update #4:

HC Kevin Stefanski told sideline reporter Aditi Kinkhabwala that Watson was out for precautionary reasons. Whether he could return if needed is unknown.

Update #5 after the game:

We might be in for a little more confusion this week on Watson’s injury. Stefanski talked about playing it safe but that Watson would be starting in Seattle if he is good to go:

Watson, for his part, talked about it being a medical decision to keep him out:

The starting QB is also uncertain about his status for next week

While it does seem that the head coach and quarterback are saying the same thing, it means we are in for a week of uncertainty it seems. Watson was not put back into this game for safety reasons so what will make it safe enough for him to start on Sunday?

What do you think about Watson’s injury after seeing Stefanski’s quotes and hearing from Watson?