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Browns move up in playoff seeding after Week 7

A tough win and a Bills loss helps Cleveland’s postseason chances

Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The end goal for every team in the NFL is to make the playoffs. Obviously, the Super Bowl is the ultimate goal but teams have to get into the postseason before that is a possibility.

The Cleveland Browns look anything but a Super Bowl contender at this point in the season given that there is a problem, with seemingly no solution, at the quarterback position. The Browns are also 4-2 through seven weeks of the season despite those struggles at quarterback and the loss of RB Nick Chubb and OL Jack Conklin for the season.

NFL playoff seeds mean next to nothing this early in the season but taking a look at them week to week can help fans see how things are changing around the Browns. Last week, at 3-2, Cleveland was just barely in the top seven seeds.

Draft Kings’ odds have the team expected to make the playoffs at this point.

After a hard-fought victory over the Indianapolis Colts and with the Buffalo Bills losing to the New England Patriots, the Browns have moved up to the sixth seed in the AFC playoff race after Week 7:

Cleveland is currently a half-game behind having the second-best record in the AFC but has already lost head-to-head matchups with the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers. Thankfully for the Browns, they will have a chance to square those matchups in the future.

Tiebreakers are one reason that Cleveland’s victory over the Colts was important as conference records could come into play when we get to the end of the season.

Does the Browns current seeding encourage you despite their struggles on the field?