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Community Convo: Enjoying the wins or fearing the future more?

At 4-2, Browns fans are smart enough to know the team has real concerns at QB

NFL: OCT 22 Browns at Colts Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In any given NFL week, Tuesday is generally the slowest news and analysis day (unless your teams played on Monday Night Football). We get injury updates on Monday and start to turn the page to what is next on Tuesday.

For Cleveland Browns fans, the following are true about their team:

Given the relatively slow day of news, we want to start/continue a conversation with you, the fans.

Are you enjoying the fact that Cleveland has won 4 games and has a winning record through Week 7 of the NFL season or does the fear of the future, given the QB problem, overwhelmed that positivity?

Join the conversation in the comment section below. How are you feeling going into Week 8? More joy/happiness or more fear/concern/frustration?