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NFL Picks Week 8, and media picks for Browns vs. Seahawks

The DBN staff predicts the Week 8 games, plus the national media make their predictions for Browns vs. Seahawks.

Seattle Seahawks v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, the Cleveland Browns are 4 point underdogs against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Here is what the national media is saying about the Week 8 game between the Browns and Seahawks:

CBS Sports (Pete Prisco) - Browns 23, Seahawks 16

The Browns are playing on the road for a second straight week, but after a not-so-good showing on defense last week, I think that changes here. Even if it’s P.J. Walker at quarterback, I think the defense finds a way to limit the Seattle offense and pull off the upset.

CBS Sports (John Breech) - Browns 19, Seahawks 16

On the Browns’ end, I trust their defense, I but I have no idea what to make of their offense and that mainly has to do with their quarterback situation. Deshaun Watson may or may not play, but I’m not sure it matters, because with the way he’s playing, it doesn’t seem like there’s a huge drop off from Watson to P.J. Walker, which should worry the Browns at least a little bit. I mean, if you give a guy $230 million and he’s only slightly better than his backup quarterback, that seems like a problem. I’ve never spent $230 million on anything, so I can’t judge the Browns, but I’m starting to feel like they’re not getting their money’s worth with Watson. The only upside for the Browns is that their defense is so good that they can win games no matter who the quarterback is.

Sporting News (Vinnie Iyer) - Seahawks 24, Browns 20

The Browns may be going on the road with either a gimpy Deshaun Watson or P.J. Walker. They’ve won a battle of attrition against the 49ers and a crazy shootout at the Colts. But the Seahawks’ settled defense can cause them problems with no consistent passing game. On the flip side, the Browns are leaky enough against the power run to the point Geno Smith can lean on Kenneth Walker to grind this game home.

Sporting News (Bill Bender) - Browns 27, Seahawks 24

Picking the Browns logically is an exercise in futility. Cleveland ranks 28th in the league in turnover ratio (-6), the quarterback situation with Deshaun Watson and P.J. Walker is unsettled and Seattle has won its last two home games by 10 points. The Browns still have Garrett, and he can wreck any game plan. Cleveland wins a third straight nail-biter.

Below are our Week 8 NFL staff picks: