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Deshaun Watson pushes back on narratives around injury, not playing

While many want certainty, there doesn’t seem to be much for the Browns QB

Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

There are quite a few things we know for sure about Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson and some important things we do not. We know for sure:

  • The Browns traded a lot to get him
  • He has a huge contract
  • Watson was suspended for 11 games last season
  • While very good to great in Houston, the QB hasn’t been that in Cleveland
  • In Week 3, Watson looked really good
  • He is injured

After that, there is a lot of uncertainty and has been a lot of words said and “ink” spilled (very few things are written in actual ink anymore) about Watson and his injury. Due to that uncertainty and the different language used by people, including HC Kevin Stefanski and Watson himself, fans and media have been left to speculate.

There have been conspiracy theories related to Watson wanting out of Cleveland or the Browns not wanting to deal with him. There have been drama-related assumptions that the quarterback just doesn’t want to play. There have simply been wonderings whether he is more hurt than anyone is letting on.

During media availability, Watson made it known that they are all on the same page (even if the words used seem different). He talked about when he will be able to play again and what will lead to that:

He noted that getting the pain away was one of the primary goals:

While OC Alex Van Pelt noted that the quarterback didn’t look right at the start of the Week 7 contest:

Watson’s frustrations were evident as he talked about some of the different perceptions, rumors and innuendos surrounding his injury. Specifically, the quarterback pushed back on the idea that he didn’t want to play:

He also made it clear that he isn’t connected to anyone in the national media so they shouldn’t be listened to:

In the end, talking has done nothing but make things more complicated. Whether it is Watson’s public relations team, personal quarterback coach, Stefanski or Watson himself, words have mostly lost their meaning at this point.

  1. Watson is hurt at whatever level
  2. He isn’t playing this week
  3. He’ll play when it is decided he will play

Everything else is just noise.

Does anything about Watson’s comments change your thoughts at all?