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Browns history: Most underappreciated player in the team’s history?

Jim Brown, pictured, is one of the greatest players of all time but who is underappreciated from the Browns history?

Jim Brown Holding up Photo of Himself

On Tuesday, we discussed that being a fan of the Cleveland Browns just doesn’t make sense. The team has been terrible for most of our lives, continually since the return.

The Browns have tried basically everything you can think of from different styles of coaching, different forms of front offices and even a new owner since 1999. None have worked.

The reasons for failure are as long as the years since 1999. Injuries, bad luck, horrible draft selections, overpaid free agents and many more issues have led to the team’s struggles.

Cleveland’s football team has also had a lot of talented players since long before Art Modell ripped the team away. RB Jim Brown, pictured above, is considered one of the best players of all time in professional football. QB Bernie Kosar left a huge legacy, TE Ozzie Newsome was great as a player and then as a GM, OL Joe Thomas just went into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and RB Nick Chubb seems/seemed on the way towards joining him.

The big names aren’t the only names, and those are far from the only big names. For many fans, it is the really good players that they appreciate a ton. The Webster Slaughter, Brian Brennan, Josh Cribbs, Eric Metcalf types on offense. The Clay Matthews, Michael Dean Perry, Eric Turner types on defense. A wide variety of offensive linemen could join that list.

So, with the bye week upon us and a need for more positivity in these Browns streets, we bring the question to you. Who do you think is Cleveland’s most underrated football player of all time?

Jump in the comment section below to share your thoughts. Can’t wait to read through all the names, from a generation ago or from the time since The Return!