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Andrew Berry: Turnovers, not roster/coaching turnover, the focus during bye week

The Browns general manager had a lot to say but his one focus was simple: Turnovers need to stop

Tennessee Titans v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Cleveland Browns GM Andrew Berry is not known for saying a whole lot during any of his time in front of the media. He held his yearly bye week press conference on Wednesday to discuss the state of the team at this time. He started it out with a much longer opening statement than any time in his career in the position.

Normally, Berry would say something like ‘Wish we were playing better but 2-2 is not a terrible start. Wish we could have gotten one of those other AFC North victories but we will face them again. With that, I’ll take questions.’

Instead, the Browns GM said over 1,500 words before giving reporters a chance to ask questions. Among those words was praise for DC Jim Schwartz, lauding some of the lesser star players on defense, noting the improvements on special teams despite injuries impacting those groups and a long discussion on the offense getting back to “the standard that Kevin (Stefanski) has really set” since taking over in 2020.

The other big takeaway was about takeaways. Instead of Cleveland fans expecting a big turnover on the staff or roster, it is a clear focus on not turning the ball over. He noted the issue multiple times:

We’ve turned the ball over ten times this season and we’ve lost the turnover battle in all four games that we’ve played this year, and quite honestly, that’s not a sustainable way to win football games in the NFL. So that’s really the first thing that we have to get corrected.

“Number one, two, three, four and five would be ball security. Number one through five would be ball security. Like, that is the number one thing that we have to correct – the primary focus. Again, ten turnovers in four games. We put five more balls on the ground that weren’t recovered by the opponent.

Overly simplified, the Browns are 3-1 if they don’t turn the ball over so much. Week 4 was a complete fall apart for the team where turnovers were just a part of the problem but Week 2 would have easily been different if Cleveland doesn’t turn the ball over as much.

At some level, that should not be hard to clean up. A little more time together in the passing game (a reminder that not only did Deshaun Watson miss much of last year but Elijah Moore, Jordan Akins, Marquise Goodwin and Cedric Tillman are new to the pass-catching group).

Making sure Jerome Ford is more secure in carrying the football will also help.

Berry noted how important not giving the ball away is for the team. The Browns are tied for the second most giveaways (10) in the NFL just behind the Minnesota Vikings with 11. Quite simply, Cleveland will be fine if they are near the middle of the pack, which is currently five turnovers, by the end of the season.

If the Browns can clean up that one issue, fans won’t be calling for turnover on the staff or roster. If they can’t clean up the turnover mess, change will come.

Is fixing the turnovers that important or is Berry oversimplifying the team’s issue? Share your thoughts with your fellow fans below in our comment section.