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Browns schedule: Only 1 of the next 4 opponents has a losing record

A surprisingly tough schedule coming out of the bye week

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns need to use their bye week wisely for a variety of reasons including the health of QB Deshaun Watson and the struggles to find an offensive identity. It is even more important given how early in the season their bye week comes.

On top of that, at least through four games, Cleveland’s next four opponents are a combined 10-6 with just one team with a losing record. This portion of the Browns schedule might have looked easier at the start of the season but even the 1-3 Arizona Cardinals have been a tough team.

Week 6: San Francisco 49ers 4-0

No one is surprised that the Niners are a very good team. That they are undefeated is a bit of a surprise with QB Brock Purdy returning from a serious elbow injury.

Week 7: Indianapolis Colts 2-2

Breaking in a rookie quarterback and not having RB Jonathan Taylor was going to make the start of the year tough for the Colts but Indianapolis has played tough and pulled off two victories including beating the Baltimore Ravens.

Week 8: Seattle Seahawks 3-1

Many wondered if QB Geno Smith would be a one-hit wonder in Seattle but, through four weeks, he has stayed consistent. The Seahawks have a good victory against the Detroit Lions but have two victories against bottom feeders in the Carolina Panthers and New York Giants.

It will be interesting what their record is with the struggling Cincinnati Bengals and the Cardinals up next on their schedule before Cleveland.

Week 9: Arizona Cardinals 1-3

Based on record alone, Arizona is the worst team on the Browns schedule the next four weeks. However, the Josh Dobbs-led team has played well against the New York Giants and Washington Commanders despite losses. Beating the talented Dallas Cowboys is a huge sign of a talented team that might need a couple of seasons to become a top-level group.

Besides the Niners, are you surprised at the records of the other three teams the Browns will face next?