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Community Convo: Week 10 versus Ravens was biggest regular season win since...

Browns fans have a long memory but not a ton of recent positives

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

In the long storied history of the Cleveland Browns, winning is a regular part of the story. In the history since the Browns returned in 1999, that statement is not true.

Longstanding Cleveland fans remember. As our Barry Shuck told us in a chat recently:

What I can’t stand is when folks say the Browns have never been nor won a Super Bowl. CLE has eight titles - four in the NFL. What is the Super Bowl the championship of? The NFL. The “Super Bowl” is just a new name for the “NFL Championship Game”, which has been played to determine the champion since 1933. The first three Super Bowls weren’t even called Super Bowl, but the “AFL-NFL Championship Game.”

So, technically, people are right that Cleveland hasn’t been to a “Super Bowl” but that is like saying The Ohio State Buckeyes have never played in the “LA Bowl Hosted By Gronk.” (Yes, that is the name of a college bowl game this year.)

As fans hope winning as a regular thing returns for the Browns, Week 10 of the 2023 NFL season against the Baltimore Ravens was a huge regular season victory.

The question for you, our great DBN community, is whether it is the team’s biggest regular season win in a long time or is that prisoner of the moment thinking?

Week 1 of this year against the Cincinnati Bengals felt like a big win but the Bengals were not even close to full strength.

In 2020, Cleveland beat a Pittsburgh Steelers team, that was resting their players, to secure a playoff spot. That one had a lot of meaning for that reason but was against backups and didn’t prove a ton. (The following week in the playoffs was much better!)

Since we know we have a lot of veteran Browns fans along with younger ones, we want to hear from you: Week 10’s victory over the Ravens was the biggest regular season win for the Browns since _____________?

Scroll down to the comment section below and share your thoughts