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Tom Brady is still an option for the Browns but a highly unlikely one

With Deshaun Watson’s season ending injury, the GOAT could return but is unlikely to do so

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

The story of the day, and likely the season, for the Cleveland Browns is clearly the new shoulder injury to QB Deshaun Watson that will take him out for the rest of the season. At least for a day, maybe two, all that really matters is talk around the quarterback position.

Watson was far from perfect this season for the Browns but he was perfect in the second half of Week 10 when the team needed him the most.

Before we get to Tom Brady and the murmurs/rumors around him making a return, a few links to pieces surrounding the Cleveland quarterback situation:

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  • Rob Gronkowski’s “solution” that isn’t going to happen
  • A place where this writer shares his feelings about and opens up the floor for other Browns fans to share their feelings about the injury

On to Brady, the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) in many peoples’ opinions. (Browns fans will stand their ground for RB Jim Brown to carry that title most likely.)

As one of the biggest stars in recent NFL history, it makes sense that his name was thrown around by fans when the Watson news hit. Many, including this writer, quickly remembered that Brady had purchased part of the Las Vegas Raiders and would not be allowed, unless a vast majority of owners approved, to play for any team.

In the words of Lee Corso, not so fast my friends:

A second person with knowledge of the deliberations said approval of the deal is hung up over several issues, including the discounted price. Those two people and a third person familiar with the process said that, barring a last-minute change, NFL team owners are not expected to ratify Brady’s deal to become a Raiders part-owner at their meeting scheduled for Oct. 17-18 in New York.

Technically, that means Brady could sign with any team. Yet, if you’ve watched any football games, you’ve seen the 46-year-old in a commercial joking about making a return before laughing it off.

In his 23rd season, Brady threw the most passes in his career with the most completions. He also struggled to move in the pocket, did not have a ton of zip on the ball and had one of the worst touchdowns to interception ratios of his career (25 to 9).

While the Browns have a great defense and talented weapons, Brady would not be the answer even if their offensive line was still healthy and playing at a high level. That Jack Conklin is out for the season, Jed Wills is on injured reserve and Dawand Jones is a rookie who missed last week injured even more reinforces that Brady should be the solution to the problem.

Cleveland has a great roster. Brady was a great quarterback for over two decades.

Both of those things are true but it does not mean that a marriage between the two makes any sense.

Let Brady retire in peace. Let the Browns figure it out the best they can with DTR while, probably, bringing in another quarterback to provide depth and insurance.

Is there any reason you think Tom Brady should be the Browns solution at quarterback this year?