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Browns offense: How David Njoku, Elijah Moore have been more productive lately

A shift in overall usage has allowed David Njoku and Elijah Moore to stand out as of late

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Jessica Rapfogel-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns offense has looked different over the past three to four weeks, especially when it comes to the passing game. Yes, a healthy Deshaun Watson at quarterback has been a big reason, but the team has also made a couple of big adjustments in the overall usage of TE David Njoku and WR Elijah Moore.

Two main issues plagued these specific players at the start of the season.

  1. Njoku didn’t seem to be targeted as often as he should’ve been, even though he’s been getting open consistently.
  2. Elijah Moore was being utilized in a way that limited his on-field effectiveness.

Due to the team making some schematic and overall usage adjustments around week 6, Njoku and Moore’s production has skyrocketed. This has undoubtedly led to a more explosive and efficient passing game as a whole, specifically over the past three games.

David Njoku

Average targets/game first four weeks: 4.5

Average targets/game last four weeks: 8

Njoku has been one of Cleveland’s workhorses in the passing game as of late, and it’s had a positive correlation to the overall success on offense. Being targeted almost twice as much as he was at the beginning of the season has allowed both Njoku and this passing game to flourish.

Elijah Moore

Average yards/target first four weeks: 5.13 yards

Average yards/target last four weeks: 6.93 yards

Moore has been used in the deeper portions of the field more often, which has allowed him to use his excellent speed and route-running ability to create better separation in the open field. Though it doesn't seem like much of a difference to the naked eye, almost two full yards of target depth is a fairly sizable difference in this category.

Are you happy with the way that David Njoku and Elijah Moore have been utilized in the offense? Join fellow Browns fans in the comment section below.